Valinda/La Puente Farmers Market

Real Freshness You Can Taste

Ever wonder why the plums at the supermarket are no longer sweet? Why the tomatoes are so bland? Why the produce spoils so fast? Or why your children refuse to eat fresh fruits and vegetables? The answer is easy: supermarket produce is not farmers market produce. Farmers Market Produce is Better, Much Better! No matter what they try to tell you. Here’s what you get at VELAS Farmers Markets:

Fresh produce is picked only days prior to you buying it at the Farmers market. In contrast, produce found at supermarkets is picked about three months before you buy it.

The produce is grown locally, in places as close to you as South Los Angeles, Compton, Riverside and San Bernardino. In contrast, produce found at supermarkets is not grown locally.

Produce grown locally makes for succulent fruits and vegetables you’ll want to eat every day. Here, the Freshness is so palpable, so authentic; you can smell it, see it and taste it. We Guarantee It!

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