Certified Farms 

16All eight VELAS Farmers Markets are certified, which means two things: The Markets themselves are certified by the Department of Agriculture and the produce, honey and egg vendors are also certified by the Department of Agriculture.

What does this all mean to you, the customer? Put simply, the Department of Agriculture inspects, confirms and certifies that the products are indeed grown in the land belonging to the farmer who sells them to you at the Market. Why is this a good thing? For starters, it ensures that the produce you are buying is grown in the State of California, not imported from another state or country where it’s at high risk of salmonella or e. coli contamination.  It also translates to saving you money, since the grower sells it directly to the consumer. Moreover, it means that it’s tastier, fresher, healthier, hormone-free and pesticide-free. If it’s sold this week at VELAS Farmers Markets, the produce was most likely picked during the beginning of the same week.Visit VELAS Farmers Markets to smell, see and taste the difference in our Southern California farm land produce.